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What is TWT's mission?

What is TWT? What does TWT do?

What Are the Different Ways in Which I Can Donate to AOF?

You can support the AOF endeavor financially through cash, check, and stock donations.

You can support AOF”s initiative. The TWT Initiative offers youth aging out of the foster care system an opportunity to successfully transition to the workplace by providing training, experience, and career guidance in an industrial setting of a vocations manufacturing center.

Make sure to designate your donation to the TWT program’s Capital Funding. Your donations will help finance the TWT Initiative with the project start-up threshold set at $6.5 million.

Donate Online: online donations are accepted on AOF/TWT’s secure website. Simply click here now!

You can also support “Donate and Need a Powerchair program” by donating durable medical equipment (DME). For more Information:

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