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At Eighteen, Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care Are Thrust Overnight into an Unfamiliar World without the Tools and Networks They Need to Succeed

TWT Center (Transitional Workforce Training) is a vocational manufacturing center that specifically targets youth who age out of the foster care system and lack the necessary skills and confidence to build a secure future for themselves.

Is the actual status of the foster system setting these young adults up for failure?

In foster care, teenagers are promised decent food, lodging, encouragement and a safe haven. When it’s time to transition into adulthood, it’s a priority to make sure they have a safe place to live. Unfortunately, reports indicate as many as a third of young adults aging out of California’s foster care system experience homelessness.

The recent 2022 AB-546 law seeks to improve those statistics by requiring counties to report a foster youth’s housing plan to a judge before he or she can exit the system. To improve these numbers is not a quick, easy fix. Bouncing from foster families to group homes often results in a turbulent childhood. Many of the affected youth describe their transition into adulthood as a chaotic whirlwind that failed to prepare them for the independence that followed.

Many aged-out youth have never experienced proper preparation, motivation and training to understand workplace culture. They require guidance to identify professional choices and discover the skills necessary for a particular career.

One might argue that many youngsters from stable families share a similar difficulty transitioning from high school to either higher education or directly into the job market. What distinguishes them from those aging out of foster care, is that they’re much more likely to have stable family support and positive role models.

TWT - A new, effective alternative of vocational training for growth and development.

The TWT vocational manufacturing center offers these young adults an opportunity to successfully transition to the workplace, by providing training, experience and career guidance in an industrial setting.

TWT Center is about creating jobs and facilitating direction among this vulnerable group and to other job seekers, such as veterans, single parents, at-risk youngsters, re-entry workers 55+, and disabled individuals.

Will you help the TWT Center change someone’s life for the better?

TWT Center is currently presented as a layout for how the vocational manufacturing center will operate once fully funded. The American Outreach Foundation has launched a capital fund campaign with the project start-up threshold at $6.5 million.

Your philanthropic dollars can transform these challenging circumstances into a life-changing opportunity for an often overlooked, undervalued group of aged-out foster youth and other disaffected job seekers.

I hope you will take some time to read through our website to find out more about TWT Center.

I invite you to join the American Outreach Foundation’s family of major donors! Please consider a heartfelt generous gift to support TWT Center.

Thank you for your consideration.

Oscar Llort, President

Does TWT Center resonate with you?  Read on to learn more about an exciting new opportunity to expand your philanthropic outreach and partner with TWT Center to tackle this critically important issue.

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