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Contribute to the TWT Seed Capital Funding

Donate to the Capital Funding TWT to create jobs for the youth aging out of the foster care system

An Act of Generosity Is Purely Voluntary;
You Don’t Have to Donate;
That’s Why It’s So Extraordinary When You Do

“Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.” - Albert Einstein.

The most terrible sign of social adversity is loneliness - feeling unloved, invisible, ignored, or unwanted.
American Outreach Foundation endeavors to address loneliness in its many forms and be a source for positive change, ever mindful that what we do “counts, even if it can’t always be counted.”

TWT Center is about creating jobs - providing hands-on training to facilitate personal growth and professional development.

TWT Seed Capital Funding: Grow Your Impact, Make a Difference!

To finance the TWT Center project, American Outreach Foundation (AOF) has launched a capital fund campaign with seed capital and medium-term investment goals. TWT Center has set a $25 million budget for medium-term financial sustainability, with a project start-up threshold at $6.5 million.

As with any start-up, TWT Center is committed to avoiding the dangers of operating on a “shoestring budget” and expanding too quickly. To that end, TWT Center anticipates a practical period of 18 months to organize into a functional operation.

Good business practices build the trust of our benefactors so that they know they are supporting a cost-effective organization.

TWT Center is a manufacturing center, no different from any other successful company built on sustainable competitive advantages. However, TWT Center will distinguish itself from its competitors in the vast subcontract market with an economic edge, built on labor and cost flexibility.

The TWT Center implementation strategy is built on a strong base of business acumen combined with effective strategy execution. The goal is to successfully deliver viable growth and a cautiously structured expansion, with timely implementation, profitability, and long-term sustainability.

Launching and growing TWT Center in the most sustainable way will require staff, infrastructure, and manufacturing/warehouse/office facilities. In addition, proper residential capacity must be assured, along with suitable investment in manufacturing tools, materials, and equipment.

Join TWT Center in Transforming Someone’s Life for the Better!

Your participation is voluntary; you don't have to get involved. The decision is up to you.
Support TWT Center - It would be extraordinary if you do!

If TWT Center resonates with you, please consider making a generous, heartfelt gift of any size to help kick-start the first phase of the TWT Center project and reach our $6.5 million threshold.

TWT Center is about creating jobs! Your philanthropic dollars will transform challenging circumstances into life-changing opportunities for aged-out foster youth and other disaffected job seekers.

Ways to Give to Make a Difference

Join TWT Center’s Family of Major Donors and Make a Lasting Impact with Your Gift.

Donate Stock or Mutual Funds to TWT Center and Get Tax Benefits!

Get Involved - Whether Just for Today, a Year or Every Year, with Your Support, We Are Transforming Lives and Building Brighter Futures!

An Act of Generosity Is Purely Voluntary.

You Don’t Have to Donate, but Nothing Feels Better Than Giving.
Support TWT Center - That’s Why It’s So Extraordinary If You Do.

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