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In 2023 we established the TWT Centers Legacy Society, to express our appreciation to the committed donors who would remember the TWT Centers in their estate plans.

Members of this distinctive group will share the common bond of philanthropy and vision. We invite you to join with other compassionate philanthropists who share the same passion to inspire the young men and women aging out of foster care and to provide for the needs of future generations.


American Outreach Foundation established the TWT Centers Legacy Society to honor its benefactors, whose commitment is an inspirational example of generosity. Legacy Society members may choose to remain anonymous.

TWT Centers’ commitment to continuing its work in the future, requires thoughtful planning and preparation. Some of the Centers’ supporters may want to help ensure that the initiative has the financial resources needed, by including a bequest in their will or trust, or by providing for another form of future gift upon their passing.

When you notify American Outreach Foundation | TWT Centers that you have included a gift to the organization in your estate plan, you become an honored member of TWT Centers’ Legacy Society. By notifying the organization of your decision, you will ensure that your gift is properly recognized when received.


A planned gift may have financial benefits for you and can even allow you to contribute more to TWT Centers after you pass away than you could during your lifetime. There are many ways to support TWT Centers with a planned gift. Please discuss planned giving with your lawyer, tax planner, or financial advisor to find out which types make sense for you.

The tax and legal benefits you receive will depend on your situation, and your financial, tax, and estate planning goals. In some cases, an estate gift will allow you to make a gift that is larger than the donations you make during your lifetime, or reduce or eliminate estate tax by decreasing the size of your taxable estate below the Estate Tax Exemption.

Because benefits vary according to your individual circumstances, American Outreach Foundation | TWT Centers strongly encourages you to consult with your attorney, tax advisor, or other estate planning professional before making a planned gift. By reviewing various options with your advisor, you can choose to make the gifts that best meet your immediate and future needs.

This information is offered to help you understand some of your options for making a charitable gift to American Outreach Foundation | TWT Centers. Only a lawyer or tax professional can give you tax advice.

For more information about TWT Centers’ Legacy Society or planned giving,

Legacy Society Form

An Act of Generosity Is Purely Voluntary.

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