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What Is American Outreach Foundation (AOF)? What Does AOF Do?

Since its founding in 2007, American Outreach Foundation has strived to erase the feeling of invisibility felt by many, and empower a sense of well-being and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

American Outreach Foundation has been an essential contributor to the lives of veterans, low-income families, and seniors in the Coachella Valley, providing over $4.5 million worth of DMEs (Durable Medical Equipment), electric wheelchairs and scooters, parts, and service maintenance calls.

Transitional Workforce Training (TWT) is American Outreach Foundation’s latest initiative. It is a vocational manufacturing center that offers young adults aging out of the foster care system an opportunity to successfully transition to the workplace. TWT provides training, experience, and career guidance in an industrial setting.

American Outreach Foundation is unwavering in its commitment to fulfilling its motto, “More than a Foundation®, we make people happy!”

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