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Core Purpose

Driven by an emotional connection to why  we’re doing what we’re doing. A source of guidance fully embedded in our collective DNA to inspire enthusiastic advocates to endure throughout the lifetime of our organization.

American Outreach Foundation is committed:

To taking a stand for all who feel powerless and invisible, with few options to improve their situation;

To treating equally all who need and deserve our assistance;

And to giving them the best chance to build a secure future for themselves, an enhanced quality of life and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

American Outreach Foundation is More Than a Foundation® - an organization people can rely on. Since our founding in 2007, we make people happy!
American Outreach Foundation serves the unmet needs of those dealing with any kind of impairment or situational challenge.
Anyone underprivileged, impoverished by immediate needs, or suffering from any kind of impairment, qualifies for our assistance, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, immigration status or financial situation.
American Outreach Foundation is dedicated to expanding the opportunities available to at-risk youth, veterans, single parents, low-income families and seniors by providing practical options to facilitate a pathway to enhance their quality of life, thus opening the door to new possibilities.
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