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Creating Jobs to Support Foster Care Youth in Transition

Donate to the Capital Funding TWT to create jobs for the youth aging out of the foster care system

TWT Centers: A Real Manufacturing Operation to Bridge the Gap Between Foster Care and Employment

TWT Center stands out from similar workforce development programs in several ways. TWT Center is a tuition-free vocational manufacturing center offering programs for TWT apprentices to master transferable skills in an industrial setting, while receiving a fair wage for their efforts.

TWT Center - To target the growth and development of vulnerable young adults making the difficult transition from foster care.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors and master practitioners of their craft, TWT apprentices learn professional behavior in a work setting, while acquiring the knowledge and technical skills they need for success.

TWT apprentices also learn valuable workplace behavior, such as punctuality, dependability, teamwork, effective communication, and the critical necessity of developing a strong work ethic.

TWT apprentices receive training and ongoing performance feedback while working regular shifts. Accommodations for food, lodging and transportation are provided to them while they're enrolled.

Success for TWT center is not dollars made, but rather the number of TWT graduates who successfully adapt to the demands of a workplace culture.

The most promising benefit of the TWT Center experience is helping these foster youths - many of whom may lack confidence or exhibit anti-social behavior - grow into fully-functioning, independent adults who respect authority and adapt to societal norms.

All TWT graduates receive job placement assistance beyond the program. A network of local companies provide opportunities for apprenticeship and internship positions, enabling successful integration into the local business and industrial communities.

TWT apprentices are selected without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation immigration status, age, or financial circumstances.

TWT Center is about creating jobs through a hands-on training experience that aims to facilitate direction among this vulnerable group and to other job seekers, such as veterans, single parents, other at-risk youngsters, re-entry workers 55+, and disabled individuals.

TWT Center is currently presented as a structure for how the vocational manufacturing center will operate once fully funded.

The American Outreach Foundation has launched a capital fund campaign with a project start-up threshold at $6.5 million.

Your philanthropic dollars can transform these challenging circumstances into a life-changing opportunity for an often overlooked, undervalued demographic.

We invite you to join the American Outreach Foundation’s family of major donors! Please consider a heartfelt generous gift to support TWT Center.

Does TWT Center resonate with you?  Read on to learn more about an exciting new opportunity to expand your philanthropic outreach and partner with TWT Center to tackle this critically important issue.

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