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At its core, American Outreach Foundation is comprised of people just like you. People who strive to have a positive impact on those who come into their path. 

We are stronger together, connected with the desire to be a source of positive change, raise people up, ever mindful that much of what we do “counts, even if it can’t be counted.”

American Outreach Foundation is an organization that seeks to erase the feeling of invisibility felt by many, and empower a sense of well-being and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to strengthening a community that benefits everybody, where everyone belongs and where no one feels excluded, no matter their circumstance.

American Outreach Foundation’s philanthropy
Since our founding in 2007, American Outreach Foundation assists individuals with situational challenges through innovative programs promoting independence and an enhanced quality of life.

More Than A Foundation®; We Make People Happy!

Enhancing the quality of life.
Building the framework for a brighter tomorrow.
Making People Happy!

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