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American Outreach Foundation


More than a Foundation®  We make people happy!

"Making the expansion of possibilities accessible

by providing the means to enhance the quality of life"

American Outreach Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission where, anyone suffering from any kind of impairment qualifies for our assistance, regardless of age, race, gender, or financial situation.


Founded in 2007, American Outreach Foundation is dedicated to making the expansion of possibilities accessible to Veterans, Children and Adults by providing the means to enhance the quality of life for anyone who suffers from any kind of impairment.  Striving to bring a smile to the faces of all involved; creating a ripple effect of renewed hope, independence and freedom for the recipient, their support team and the entire family.


The loss of mobility is a life changing experience and the efforts by American Outreach Foundation bring assistance to people that find themselves with little or no options left. “Donate My Powerchair” is a program collecting donations of used electric wheelchairs and scooters in the southern California area. The Foundation helps Veterans, low income seniors and the under-insured who do not have the financial means, or insurance coverage to afford them.


On average, the Foundation provides 80-100 electric wheelchairs/scooters and 40-60 maintenance calls per year, creating a ripple effect of renewed hope, independence, and relief to the recipient, his/her support team and entire family. Our recipients come from all ethnicities: Hispanic, Caucasian, African Americans and American Indians.


Through the Assistive Technologies Program, the Foundation provides tools tailored for therapists which engage children with learning and developmental disabilities.  Our portable “work stations” are specifically designed to engage the student with a visual trigger that grabs and holds their attention.  The adjustability of these boards allows the student to connect easily in everyday activities, where they previously held little to not interest.


American Outreach Foundation raises awareness and creates funding opportunities by holding two major fundraisers each year:

  • The American Outreach Invitational, at Thunderbird Country Club, Rancho Mirage in March.

  • The American Car Show: a venue for motorcycles, aircraft and classic cars at Bermuda Dunes Airport in December.


American Outreach Foundation serves the unmet needs of the community and endeavors to improve the quality of life of those who no longer feel visible or viable in their day to day experience. If you could see the immediate and ongoing impact providing the vehicle for expanding possibilities bring to the life of our recipients, their caregivers and their family you would understand why we do what we do! 


In its unwavering dedication, American Outreach Foundation’s motto is, “More than a Foundation®, we make people happy!”

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