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American Outreach Foundation

"Building the framework for a brighter tomorrow!"

More than a Foundation®  We make people happy!

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     At its core, American Outreach Foundation (AOF) is comprised of people just like you.  People who strive to have a positive impact on those who come into their path.  Wanting nothing more than to leave those they meet better off then when they found them. People who believe, simple kindness goes a long way in creating a brighter tomorrow!

   American Outreach Foundation is More Than A Foundation®; We Make People Happy! Together we build the framework for an improved quality of life. We strive to enhance living conditions, freedom of mobility, workforce entry, and learning experiences to empower a sense of well-being, independence, and connection, instilling hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    Founded in 2007, American Outreach Foundation is a 501©3 Non-Profit that is fueled by the ongoing generosity of those within our community. Motivated by the scope of ever-increasing needs, A.O.F. is continually expanding the framework from which we empower others. We partner with veterans, single mothers, low-income families and seniors who are disadvantaged by current circumstances. Coming together, we build a framework that empowers them to thrive and inspires them to strive towards a brighter tomorrow. 


After all, we at AOF believe, Tomorrow Starts TODAY!

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