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American Outreach Foundation

More than a Foundation®

Bringing smiles on faces, one at a time, one after another ...

The statement “more than a foundation” is open-ended in its meaning which is perhaps what makes it so appropriate for defining American Outreach Foundation’s identity; a foundation which, at its heart, beats every day to the rhythm of the concerns of the people touched by limiting impairments.

We have all inherited goodness as a heartfelt legacy and the way we exercise it defines who we are. Our foundation strives to take this goodness and put the “helping one another” into action like any other; however, in a specific way that it defines the very purpose of its existence. We are not a select group. We invite people of good nature to join us and merely do the same.


We strive for excellence in the way we commit ourselves for the betterment of others – those who are less fortunate than ourselves.


Our motivation is to bring some form of comfort that will generate happiness, even if only a small measure. Our achievements are not determined by how many we want to help, but the impact our help has.

Our services bring so much joy to our recipients; together, we are transforming lives and building bright futures!

The American Outreach Foundation is More than a Foundation®, We make people happy…

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