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YOUR GENEROSITY changes Lives; one person at a time!

The American Outreach Foundation is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization

100% of the Funds Received at American Outreach Foundation are utilized in our efforts to assist others!

We focus on those challenged by disadvantages caused by physical, developmental or financial circumstances.

Your donation goes a long way in Making People Happy; Expanding Possibilities; Changing Lives!


It is through your generous donation that we are able to create the environment needed to provide the framework

from which our partners can build a brighter tomorrow!

Together, We Make People Happy!

Every Dollar Counts...


Whether just today, one year or every year, your support has an immediate & ongoing impact for those less fortunate.

Please Select a One-Time Donation Amount

YOUR generous DONATION helps to create the environment for expanding possibilities in the lives of

A VETERAN in need of a Powerchair for mobility, providing a sense of Independence!

A CHILD whose learning is enhanced by the Assistive Technologies Board, providing a sense of Belonging!

A FAMILY that gains renewed Hope due to the assistance we bring, providing a sense of Well-Being!

YOU are Making People Happy; Expanding Possibilities; Changing person at a time!

Thank You for ​Supporting the American Outreach Foundation!

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