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 Desert Jamboree

 Music for Charity

American Outreach Foundation hosted the “Desert Jamboree” at the Palm Springs

Art Museum’s Annenberg Theater.

Commencing with a delicious VIP cocktail reception amongst the renowned sculptures

of Annenberg Theater’s gardens, guests were later entertained by real top-class performances

by some of the best entertainers the Coachella Valley has to offer.

Kal David, Roberta Linn, Barry Minniefield, Trini Lopez, Jimi Fitz and 3GT, to name a few, put on a stunning evening of music and fun, all to benefit local veterans and needy individuals with mobility challenges.

Proceeds of the Desert Jamboree evening benefit American Outreach Foundation.

Since 2007, American Outreach Foundation addresses the unmet needs of those who need it most; of the individuals who may have once felt ignored, but now feel empowered to open the door to new possibilities for a brighter tomorrow.

The Foundation strives to enhance living conditions, promote the freedom of mobility, improve learning experiences, and assist workforce entry, thus empowering a sense of well-being and independence - instilling hope for a better quality of life.

American Outreach Foundation
Veteran Recipient Award

  The Show

Part I

  The Show

Part II

  The Show

Part III

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