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American Outreach Foundation

More than a Foundation®

Building the framework for a brighter tomorrow, believing tomorrow starts today!

    American Outreach Foundation is More Than A Foundation®; We Make People Happy! Together we build a framework for an improved quality of life. We strive to enhance living conditions, freedom of mobility, workforce entry, and learning experiences to empower a sense of well-being, independence, and connection, instilling hope for a brighter tomorrow.

    The Foundation strives for excellence in it's commitment to empower others to thrive. With a team of volunteers, and through the ongoing generosity of the community, the Foundation works tirelessly, partnering with veterans, single mothers, low-income families and seniors facing disadvantages in their current circumstance, hindering their ability to thrive.  Together, collaborating to establish the framework that empowers our partners to build a brighter tomorrow.     

    Giving our partners a voice in the process creates a sense of well being, establishing an on-going personal connection. A connection which instills the knowing that they are seen, they are heard and they matter.  It is our belief that when one no longer feels ignored, they are empowered to change their life!  


The American Outreach Foundation is More than a Foundation®, We make people happy!

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