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Improving the Quality of Life

Our Happy Recipients


The American Outreach Foundation is “More than a Foundation®” we make people happy!


Bringing smiles on faces, one at a time, one after another… These are just a few stories showing how, through the gift of giving, a wholehearted act can go a long way. These examples, amongst many others, illustrate how a donated powerchair can boost not only a person’s self-esteem or confidence, but offer a small measure of peace and hope.


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Salvador, 67

Salvador suffered from a stroke in early 2010. Due to his condition and being confined to his home, his will to live was clearly dwindling. Salvador’s nephew, John Garcia, found out about our foundation while buying a gift for his daughter in our fundraising store in December. Two days before Christmas, we were at Salvador’s doorstep with his very own powerchair. After a week had passed, Salvador himself called to thank us for “changing his life”. His speech was no longer slurred; he sounded more energetic and happier. He said he was really looking forward to going out every day to enjoy the sun which he had missed and was unable to do for so long. Salvador experienced an instant improvement in his quality of life.

Christopher, 30

Christopher was brought to our attention by one of our returning customers. Suffering from MS, he had lost complete motor skills on the right side of his body. Although Christopher can stand, he can hardly walk thus he is confined to using a manual wheelchair. With his current condition, Christopher was unable to qualify for a powerchair through the Floridian healthcare because his impairment was stated to be “not severe enough to the level that would qualify him.” After receiving our powerchair, his mother stated that he experienced an almost overnight change in his confidence. He became more energetic as he was finally able to leave the house by himself, something he had not been able to do for years. Christopher experienced an instant improvement in his quality of life.

Craig, 32; Lilia, 44

Finding Craig was as easy as knocking next door. As we were delivering a state-of-the-art manual wheelchair to Lilia’s 91 year old grandmother, we learned how she and her neighbor Craig were sharing her powerchair since Craig’s had broken down. Craig, who was a victim of a hit-and run a few years back, has had a long recovery. In the process of changing insurance, he lost the coverage for a powerchair replacement. Giving a powerchair to Craig has allowed both him and Lilia to regain and enjoy their independence. Craig and Lilia both experienced an instant improvement in their quality of life.

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