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Get Out of the Room Program

American Outreach Foundation has a special place in our hearts for the elderly. They hold our history, created our legacies and at one time or another cared for us.  As our society ages, we may all find ourselves with the responsibility and care of an elderly parent, spouse or family member.


As the elderly age, they face a variety of issues related to health, emotions, finance and overall well-being. This transition may be difficult, as the once independent person must depend more and more on others, sometimes to the point of not being able to live at home.  We here at American Outreach Foundation want to help.  

The “Get Out of the Room” program seeks to engage in and address the potential for confinement, loneliness and isolation of individuals limited by physical impairment and living specifically in local nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

The loss of the freedom of mobility, particularly in a nursing or rehabilitation facility, often sets in motion a downward spiral that can irreversibly influence one's quality of life, from lack of energy to their will to live.

The “Get Out of the Room” program offers these facilities in the Coachella Valley a free service of scooters to be readily available to their patrons, whether for long-term or short-term.

We invite local businesses and corporations to sponsor the “Walk on Wheels” program which supports the Foundation's  ability to purchase convenient scooters that can be manufactured at a very low cost per quantity by the Pride Mobility Company for the American Outreach Foundation. Corporate sponsors are recognized for their contribution by a sticker placed on every donated scooter.

In conjunction with the “Get Out of the Room” program, the “Red Traveler™” is a large powerchair that allows two people to sit in side by side. The Red Traveler™ program is an uplifting effort for positive assistance to the nursing homes and rehab facilities and provides patrons with the opportunity to stay active and entertained, helping patrons to rekindle their social interactions by visiting their neighbors, getting some fresh air, or by simply being able to come out of their room for a “walk on wheels”, even if it is just for a little while.


The “Get Out of the Room” program is an uplifting effort for positive assistance to the nursing homes and rehab facilities. Creating possiblities by expanding mobility! 

We at American Outreach Foundation strive to expand the freedom of mobility, improve the quality of life and provide a small measure of happiness and comfort to senior citizens in the Coachella Valley. With YOUR support we are expanding the possibilities in the lifes we touch! 

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