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Welcome & Thank you for visiting the American Outreach Foundation!

The loss of mobility is a challenging life experience. Since its beginnings in 2007, the American Outreach Foundation donates electric wheelchairs to veterans, children and adults in an effort to enhance the quality of life of those touched by a limiting disability in the Coachella Valley.


Yet, our community is no different than any other as countless adults and children are stricken by various conditions and limiting impairments. With an unwavering dedication, we are committed to expand our outreach through new programs for the betterment of those who suffer from any kind of impairment, where anyone qualifies for our assistance regardless of age, race, gender, or financial situation.


We are a small 501(c)3 non-profit with the same needs of financial sustainability as any other institution. Our commitment to good business practice builds the trust of our benefactors so that they know they support a cost effective organization.


Your support and generosity at any level is greatly appreciated and is a genuine encouragement for our endeavor.


Winston Churchill rightly said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” The American Outreach Foundation is More than a Foundation®, we make people happy… Our services bring so much joy to our recipients; together, we are transforming lives andbuilding brighter futures! Indeed, it is never about us, but about those who need and deserve our assistance.


Again, thanks for stopping by!


Oscar Llort

Founder, President

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